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Do you ever feel like you’re just the worst,

The absolute worst, and nobody’s first,

Their choice, the one to choose

When it all falls down,

The one they can’t lose?


Philando Castile.

Another name to add to the list, a list comprised of names of people who I should know nothing of.

They were normal,

Guilty of daring to live in a white man’s world.

Nothing more.

I am so sickeningly accustomed to this now. I see how it will play out. Anger, a demand for action, no charges filed.

And then it will happen again. 

As long as bigots are allowed to don a uniform and have authority, this will always happen.

There will always be another Alton Sterling. Another Eric Garner. Another Michael Brown.

We must not abide this. Or their blood is on our hands as well.

We must not abide.

NaPoWriMo, Day 3: A Poem of Fourteen

I’d like to think I’m interesting and reliable.
Mostly I am just reliably uninteresting.

NaPoWriMo, Day 2: A Poem About the Stars

The most beautiful idea about the stars I have ever heard
Comes from A Wrinkle in Time.
Stars are alive and have thoughts and choices.
And when a cold and wicked darkness threatens to cover the universe,
Stars can choose to die.
They can go supernova and let their light shine its last and brightest,
To defeat just a piece of the black.
It’s a lonely and amazing and wondrous idea
To think that so many heavenly beings would give up everything…
To give the rest of us time to do something.

NaPoWriMo, Day 1: A Poem of Negation

I am not many things.
I’m maybe one or two.
Unless you count the bad things.
Of those, I’m quite a few.

I know you won’t believe me
I’ve said it all before
But please just stand beside me
As I weather through this storm

She’s gone, gone, gone
That girl I used to be
And now I’m just a shadow
Of me

But this time, I swear I’ll change
I’ll never be the same
I’ll figure out how to be
Everything you need of me
This promise isn’t empty anymore

I can’t live like this
Guess I never could
It’s easy to pretend
My mask is just that good

I fooled you once
But now you know
You see the truth
I watch you go

She’s gone, gone, gone
And now you finally see
That I’m nothing but a shadow
Of that girl I used to be