The Other Me, Part Two (An Alternate Universe in Which Rory is Independent and Unafraid)

In this universe, I would probably be living in Maine or Seattle right now. Seattle’s only become the dream in the last few years; Maine was it in high school.

I’d probably have a job I love, and I’d probably be working on saving up to open my store. I might even have a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Me, independent? I would be a completely different person.

Not that I rely heavily on being around people all the time, but I rely on one person, one key person.

This AU exists because it must. Because somewhere there must be a Rory whose future plans were not just destroyed by something that happened to someone else.

This Rory would be happy because she would know how to be. She wouldn’t over-think things, she’d be more logical because logic and independence seem to be good pals. She wouldn’t put every hope she had into a future that absolutely had to include a certain someone else.

She’d be stronger and more useful than I’ll ever be.


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